Personal Safety

Our Version of Amazon Prime Day

Lauren here, your favourite small business owner! 

Today is Amazon Prime Day. And we truly appreciate that while you probably make the occasional Amazon purchase (don’t worry, me too!), you also choose to support small businesses like ours instead of filling Jeff Bezos’s pockets. 

So, we've decided to run a 24-HOUR SALE on our Original Ashley Personal Safety Alarms today (that's 20% OFF any of our Ashley Alarms!) – it’s something a little different that we’ve never done before. If you need a new alarm this summer, we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity or support another awesome small business before running to Amazon on Prime Day. 

We appreciate you more than you could possibly know! 

Stay safe,

Lauren & the entire Ashley Team x

P.S. You’ll need to use the code ‘PRIME’ at checkout but clicking this link should automatically add it for you. 

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