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How Effective Are Personal Safety Alarms

personal safety alarm and rape alarm in the uk

Although the incidence of assault in the UK has decreased in recent years, it is still a cause for concern. Both men and women are vulnerable to assault, but the recent spiking events occurring in the UK have raised concerns over women’s safety in particular.

Around 85,000 women are raped and more than 40,000 are assault each year in England and Wales. Sadly, only 5.7% of all reported rape cases result in a conviction.

These statistics are shocking in and of themselves, but they are even more worrying when paired with the fact that most women in the UK don’t have access to the Rape Crisis Centre. This means that there are millions of women who don’t have adequate support and facilities to stay safe from potential attackers.

We all deserve to feel safe when we’re out and about. We should be able to walk in public without worrying for our safety. No matter where you are heading, it’s important to maintain your independence and feel comfortable walking alone or in a small group.

The way we go about increasing our own safety and security is individualistic. There are a range of methods to enhance personal safety, and which method you choose to use is individual to your needs and preferences.

One of the most popular methods to increase personal safety is using a personal safety alarm. Carrying around one of these alarms can give you some peace of mind by providing an extra layer of protection.

How Does a Personal Safety Alarm Deter Attackers?

A personal safety alarm is sometimes referred to as a rape alarm or an attack alarm. These alarms come in a variety of forms but they all have the same goal – to keep people safe.

An attack alarm works by drawing attention to yourself to deter or scare off any attackers. When you activate a traditional personal safety alarm, it releases an ear-piercing sound that can be heard by everybody in the nearby area. You can also get alarms that have additional features, such as flashlights.

Most attackers will stop trying to pursue you when they realise that you are carrying a rape alarm. They will not want to draw attention to themselves, especially if you are both in a busy area.

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Who Can Use a Personal Safety Alarm?

Anybody can use a personal safety alarm. They are a convenient and easy way to increase your safety and security, wherever you are.

Your attack alarm can provide extra protection for everybody. They may be particularly helpful for those who have disabilities, are elderly, or are young. These alarms are all perfect to increase women’s safety, especially following the recent scary spiking incidents in the UK.

Many law enforcement organisations recommend the use of a personal safety alarm for all people. There are strict restrictions in the United Kingdom and Europe with regard to some safety devices, such as pepper spray or stun guns. Be sure to check the laws in your country so you know what is and isn’t allowed but in the UK these are not permitted. This leaves the Personal Safety alarm (also known as a rape alarm) your most effective option.

Why Should You Get a Personal Safety Alarm?

There are many reasons why getting an attack alarm might benefit you. Here are some of the benefits of personal safety alarms:

  • They’re easy to carry on your body (around your neck, on your wrist, on a belt, or in your bag).
  • They are a non-lethal method of protection.
  • They are ideal for anybody and they’re great if women’s safety is a concern.
  • They ensure that elderly citizens can maintain their independence.

When Might a Personal Safety Alarm Be Ineffective?

Personal safety alarms work by emitting a loud, unpleasant noise - the Ashley Safety Alarm emits 130dB which is about as loud as a jet engine starting. This can be extremely effective if you are in a busy area or when there is somebody nearby that can help you. However, the effectiveness of a rape alarm is very much dependent on the specifics of the attack.

The alarm is effective especially in populated areas as it alerts other people to the situation - for example, a night out. It's also effective as a preventative measure, i.e. before a crime is committed. We would recommend to use this whenever you feel uncomfortable or alone - some people feel embarrassed to use it but you shouldn't be, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Where Can You Get a Personal Safety Alarm?

There are lots of great personal safety alarms that you can buy online. It’s important to find a reputable brand that sells reliable products.

Here at Ashley, we focus on providing effective personal safety devices that can be used by anybody. We believe that everybody has a right to feel safe, no matter where they are or who they are with. Our products can help to enhance your security and give you peace of mind knowing that you can draw attention to yourself if necessary.

Not only can your personal safety alarm keep you safe, but you can also use it to alert bystanders if you spot somebody else who is in danger. They may be small devices, but attack alarms can be extremely effective in keeping you and others safe.

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