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Boundary-Breaking Female Safety Devices: Influential Inventions Throughout History

Female Safety Inventions

Throughout history, women have faced numerous safety issues, often at the hands of perpetrators who take advantage of their vulnerability. To counter these threats, inventors and entrepreneurs have introduced various female safety devices designed to provide protection, deter attackers, and empower women in their daily lives. In this article, we will explore some of the most groundbreaking and influential female safety devices, highlighting their key features, innovators, and impact on women's safety over time. By learning about these remarkable inventions, we can better understand the challenges faced by women and appreciate the ongoing battle for a safer world for all.

Table of Contents

  1. Personal Safety Alarm
  2. Pepper Spray
  3. Stun Gun
  4. Panic Button App
  5. Wearable Safety Devices
  6. Anti-Assault Ring
  7. Innovative Software Solutions
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs

Personal Safety Alarm

Empowered by Ashley is a leading UK brand that has developed a highly effective and compact personal safety alarm designed specifically for women. Their unique design enables users to deter potential attackers with a loud, high-pitched siren that sounds at the touch of a button.

Some features of the Empowered by Ashley Personal Safety Alarm include:

  • Compact: Small enough to fit on a keychain, making it easy to carry with you.
  • Customizable: Available in a variety of colors and designs to match individual preferences.
  • Loud: Emits an ear-piercing siren that can be heard up to a considerable distance.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has long been a popular choice for women looking to protect themselves from potential assault. Typically in aerosol form, this non-lethal weapon contains oleoresin capsicum, a chemical found in hot peppers. When sprayed into an attacker's eyes, it causes severe pain and temporary blindness, giving the victim precious seconds to escape.

Notable pepper spray brands include:

  • SABRE: Trusted by law enforcement agencies around the globe, SABRE offers a wide range of pepper sprays in different sizes and shapes.
  • Mace: Originally known for its tear gas products, Mace now offers popular pepper spray options for personal safety.

Stun Gun

Stun guns are another innovative invention designed to assist women in protecting themselves. Upon activation, these devices emit an electric shock that temporarily incapacitates an assailant. Stun guns vary in form, from compact models that resemble keychains to larger devices equipped with safety features such asa disable pin or wrist strap. Check your local laws, as stun gun ownership may be restricted in some areas.

Popular stun gun brands include:

  • VIPERTEK: Known for their effective and affordable stun guns, VIPERTEK offers models with built-in LED flashlights and rechargeable batteries.
  • Guard Dog Security: This brand offers stun guns in various designs, including those that can be disguised as everyday items like lipstick or a flashlight.

Panic Button App

In recent years, mobile technology has also played a significant role in improving women's safety. Panic button apps are a prime example. These applications can quickly connect users to emergency services or pre-selected contacts with just the tap of a button. Some even include GPS tracking capabilities, allowing for real-time location monitoring in emergencies.

Notable panic button apps include:

  • BSafe: This app offers features such as a panic button, fake phone call to help users leave uncomfortable situations, and options to share live locations with trusted contacts.
  • SafeTrek: Designed for personal safety, this app allows users to press and hold their thumb on the screen until they reach safety. If the finger is lifted without inputting a pre-set passcode, the app will notify local authorities.

Wearable Safety Devices

Personal safety devices have evolved into wearable technology, making it easier for women to access emergency help discreetly. These innovative gadgets come in various designs, from jewelry to keychains, and can transmit critical information to pre-selected emergency contacts or local authorities when activated.

Renowned wearable safety device brands include:

  • ROAR for Good's Athena: Designed as a stylish pendant, this device sends users' locations to emergency contacts when the button is pressed.
  • Revolar: This wearable device allows users to quickly send SOS alerts with their location to designated contacts or emergency services via a discreet button press.

Anti-Assault Ring

Another innovative safety device designed for women is the anti-assault ring. Discreetly designed as ordinary jewelry, this invention conceals a sharp and pointed tip that can cause considerable pain when used in self-defense. Attackers are thus deterred, allowing the wearer to escape to safety.

An example of an anti-assault ring includes:

  • Go Guarded: This company offers a line of self-defense rings designed to be worn on the middle finger, with a serrated edge that can inflict damage upon assailants as needed.

Innovative Software Solutions

Aside from physical security devices, software solutions have also been developed to enhance women's safety. These tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze users' mobile devices or online behavior to detect potential risks and threats.

Examples of innovative software solutions include:

  • PredSafe: A predictive analytics solution that incorporates real-time data and the user's behavioral patterns to determine potential safety hazards and provide personalized safety recommendations.
  • SafeUp: This app connects women to a network of pre-screened, trusted volunteers who can help them reach their destinations safely or provide immediate assistance in challenging situations.


The ongoing advancement of technology has allowed us to create increasingly innovative and efficient devices to address the safety concerns faced by women throughout history. Devices like personal safety alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns, panic button apps, and wearable safety gadgets have provided women with practical and accessible means to protect themselves. Together, these tools empower women to reclaim their sense of security and navigate the world with greater confidence.


  1. Are personal safety devices legal? Most personal safety devices, such as personal alarms and pepper sprays, are legal in many locations. However, some devices like stun guns may be restricted or illegal in certain areas. Always check your local laws and regulations before purchasing a personal safety device.
  2. Which personal safety device is the most effective? The effectiveness of a personal safety device depends on the individual's specific needs and circumstances. Some may prefer a loud personal alarm, while others may feel more secure with a pepper spray or stun gun. It is essential to consider your personal preferences, location, and local laws before selecting the most suitable device for you.
  3. How much do personal safety devices cost? The cost of personal safety devices varies depending on the type and brand. Simple personal alarms can be found for as low as $10, while more advanced devices like wearable tech and stun guns may range from $50 to over $100.
  4. Are wearable safety devices discreet? Many wearable safety devices are designed to be discreet and stylish so that they do not draw attention. Most resemble ordinary jewelry or accessories, making them a practical and fashionable choice for personal safety.
  5. What are the benefits of using panic button apps? Panic button apps allow users to quickly and discreetly contact emergency services or their designated contacts in times of crisis. Many apps also offer GPS location tracking, allowing emergency responders to know the user's whereabouts in real time.

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