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Best Personal Safety Alarms in the UK

Best Personal Safety Alarms in the UK

Personal safety alarms are growing in popularity in the UK and are one of the most effective defence tools the are legal in the UK - no pepper spray isn't legal in the UK!

When you're in danger or feel unsafe, it may be difficult to raise alarm. Personal safety alarms are designed to make as much noise as possible to raise attention from those hundreds of feet away.

There are a number of uses for personal safety alarms, they are very popular with dog walkers, runners, elderly people, travellers, school and university students and those who are out at night time. They give these people peace of mind that they can raise the alarm if they feel unsafe.

We believe that we need to make the world a safer place, with 1.6million Brits experiencing sexual assault 

Best Personal Safety Alarms

1. Empowered by Ashley 

empowered by ashley personal safety alarm

The number one on our list - with over 5000 devices sold within months of launching it's one of the UK's most popular personal safety devices.

It's incredibly simple to use, simply pull the pin out and it will let out a 130dB ring and 200 lumen strobe light to disorientate an attacker. It's incredibly durable and is made out of a soft touch silicone. 

With a 2 year battery life and replaceable batteries, it means you can keep this besides you forever.

The pin-pull system is designed as it's very hard to put back in once it's out unless you've got a steady hand - this means that if you are under attack, the attacker won't be able to stop the alarm easily.

The main advantage of this device is the strobe and just how loud it can be - very few, if any in the UK have both of these features. It also comes in a range of colours to suit your style!


See Ashley In Action

2. UZOPI Alarm

rape alarm device uk

Another pin activated alarm which we like but this one is a little small, meaning it's a bit harder to pull out when you need to.

It also has a strobe light but it is a lot smaller than the Ashley one. On the upside it's very discreet and lightweight.

3. Red Temp Alarm

personal safety alarm uk

With this device, the clip also acts as the alarm trigger. Simply pull out the device away from you if the clip is attached to your belt or bag, and a pin will be removed, setting off the alarm. 

What is a Personal Safety Alarm?

A personal safety alarm is an electronic device you carry with you while out running, dog walking, going to school etc that you use to deter potential attackers. You can carry these around your neck, wrist, bag or pocket. Generally speaking, they are load and some of the better ones emit light when they are triggered - usually this is done by pulling a pin or pressing a button on the device

How do Personal Safety Alarms work?

Each alarm is different but the Ashley Alarm is amazingly simple to use - simply pull the pin out when you feel unsafe and it will unleash a piercing 130db ring and a 200 lumen strobe light!

Want to see how to use the Ashley Personal Safety Alarm? Click Here

How loud is the personal safety alarm?

The Empowered by Ashley alarm is 130dB which is very loud! To put it into perspective, a jet engine on a runway is about the same.

Decibels are measured differently to distance, a 130dB alarm is 10x louder than a 120db. Sounds of 130dB can be damaging to someones hearing if they are exposed to it for about 15minutes. So when we say it's loud, it's very loud!

How much does a personal safety alarm cost?

Personal safety alarms range from about £10 to £30 - but as with anything, you get what you pay for. We believe that this is not something that should be made cheaply and should be able to perform at the highest level. Simply put, this is a product that you need to work well when you need it, and therefore it needs to have the best tech and materials.

When to use a Personal Safety Alarm

Personal safety alarms, also known as attack alarms and rape alarms, are typically used when you're alone and outside. These alarms are very popular with female runners, dog walkers, travellers, students and women generally due to the safety concerns for women in the UK.

You would pull the alarm whenever you feel unsafe or if someone is approaching you - this will emit a loud 130dB siren and flashing strobe light to attract attention to the situation and deter the potential attacker. You can read more on how to use a personal attack alarm here.

We sometimes get asked if pepper spray is an option to improve women's safety but pepper spray is not legal in the UK or EU for personal use.

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