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7 Tips On How to Stay Safe at Night

how to stay safe at night time or when travelling

The UK is largely a relatively safe country overall, but when night falls the chances of crime increase drastically. Whether you're out for drinks, walking home from a friends house, running, dog walking or getting a taxi - each come with their own set of risks.

We aren't here to fear-monger though, the chances of having an issue are still slim in the UK - but they aren't nil. Women are also much more likely to experience issues at night time. 

We are going to give you our run down and top tips on how to stay safe at night! 

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Our 7 Top Tips to Stay Safe at Night

As we mentioned, these top tips are there to make sure you have the best possible chance of avoiding troublesome situations.

1. Always Plan Ahead

This is one of the most easy and effective ways of staying safe when you go out. Tell people what your plan is and roughly when you'll plan to arrive and leave. Know exactly how you'll get too and from and your mode of transportation.

Knowing where you're going and when, as well as others knowing, puts a massive advantage in avoiding trouble at night or when travelling.

2. Stay with Friends

It sounds obvious but there really is safety in numbers, having more people you trust around you is a massive advantage in avoiding danger. Most crimes happen to lone individuals, it's not to say you won't be affected but the numbers really are in your favour.

3. Stay in Well Lit Areas

This is a big one, if you stay in well lit areas it's easier for you to see others and also by-passers to see you. It's also more likely there will be CCTV cameras in operation. Lastly, avoid taking short cuts, especially down dark alleys, and take known routes.

4. Keep Valuable Items Hidden

These will attract certain individuals and increase the likelihood of a bad situation. Keep your mobile tucked away and any valuables in a pocket, preferably zipped. You do not want to be advertising high value objects at night time.

5. Personal Safety Alarms

A personal safety alarm is a device that lets off a loud siren and flashing strobe light when you activate it - it is used by many people including dog walkers, women, runners and uni students, especially at night.

They are designed to deter attackers and raise the alarm to those around if you are in an uncomfortable situation.

There has been a massive rise in women buying personal safety devices in the UK, at Ashley, we are proud to be able to support that demand!

Read our full guide on how to use a personal safety alarm here.

You can also buy a personal safety alarm here

6. No Music

Avoid listening to music on your way home, sometimes it's tempting to put earphones in and to listen to music but it is seriously detrimental to one of your main senses, your hearing.

You need to be able to see and hear what is going on around you at all times if you're walking home or on public transport. Listening to music will delay your response time to potential dangers.

7. Watch How Much You Drink

It's great going out, seeing friends and having a good time but drinking too much could lead to making lapses in judgement (perhaps ignoring the above points). It's also common for attackers to target those who appear drunk.

It's also important to never leave your drink unattended so that you avoid getting your drink spiked - this can be a serious issue in night clubs and bars. 


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