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7 Tips: How to stay safe while travelling alone

how to stay safe travelling with a personal safety alarm

Top tips to stay safe when travelling

When travelling alone or in a small group, you may encounter moments where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe - this is a valid concern and your personal safety should always be a top priority when travelling. 

Travelling alone or in a small group is incredible and comes with so many amazing experiences but the one downside is personal safety being impacted. For a first time traveller these anxieties can become crippling and you're simply not going to enjoy yourself in that case. Also, you don't just want to feel safe, but to actually be safe.

So this is why we have given our top tips to stay safe when travelling!

  1. Choose and research your accommodation carefully

The hotel or hostel should be in a good area of town and close to transport links.
Trip Adviser is an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to research - if there aren't enough reviews then we wouldn't risk it.

If a hotel or hostel is too cheap or an unbelievable deal then we would be a little wary of that, normally if a price is too good to be true then there's normally a reason for that.

2. Photocopy your documents

Take photocopies of your passport and drivers license, you can also email these to yourself or via dropbox.

In case of emergency, these will help you with your embassy and to correctly identify you.

3. Share your plans with someone at home

This sounds obvious but it will help people trace where you have been and should be. Keep them updated while you're out there. Females are the most targeted and it's important for those close to you to know where you are or are due to go.

4. Get to your destination in the day

An area can drastically change with night fall, it's best to get to a new destination when it's light so you can scope out your surroundings and understand where you fit in the new location. You can also scope out safe places for your to visit or go to in case of emergency.

5. Be slow to trust someone

It's easy to be caught up in the amazing time you'll be having but go easy on dishing out too much trust in strangers. Avoid telling people you are travelling alone and where you are staying. 

6. Go easy on the alcohol

It might be a great idea at the time but too much alcohol could make you an easy target, we would recommend staying in control and not letting loose - especially if you're in a location you do not know yet.

Here's a really important guide from the NHS and the effects of alcohol and your ability to make decision and the likelihood of being targeted. 

7. Be safety ready

We would recommend making sure that you are as prepared as possible - buy a money belt, and never have it on show or carry all of your money in it. 

We have also made our personal safety alarms 130dB (which is very loud!) with a flashing light. Clipping this to your bag or person will also act as a deterrent but in case of emergency it will also create quite a scene!

Check out our blog on how to use a personal safety alarm and watch the videos below!   

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