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5 Reasons to Choose an Ashley Alarm

5 Reasons to choose the Empowered by Ashley Personal Safety Alarm

1. She’s designed to deter attackers & prevent crime

Meet Ashley! The UK Personal Safety Alarm designed by women to stop any attacker in their tracks and make everyone feel safe and secure.

Ashley is an electronic device that emits a loud noise and flashing strobe when activated. Simply give the pin on the top of the device a firm pull and face it toward your intended target. The alarm will emit a piercing 130db siren and the LED light will flash. Not only will it deter your assailant, but it will also raise the attention of passersby to your vulnerable situation.

To stop the Alarm, replace the pin at the top of the device. If you're testing your alarm, try placing a finger or thumb over the speaker on the back of the Alarm to save your ears.


2. She doesn’t sit quietly

Have you ever stood outside and felt the need to duck when a LOUD jet flew low overhead? That’s 130db of sound. It’s also how loud Ashley’s siren is!

We didn’t design her to sit quietly, and neither should we. It’s time to be at the front of change so these personal safety alarms don’t have to exist in our society! It’s time to make the baddies out there fear Ashley and her siren call…


3. She can be carried everywhere you go

Every Ashley Alarm comes with a solid, strong sterling silver keychain that allows you to easily attach Ashley to your person or belongings. From your handbag, to your water bottle, to your keys, your belt and beyond!

Every Ashley Alarm is designed to be durable, discreet and stylish. Carry Ashley across town, out running, walking the dog, around campus, out at night, home from the shops, and wherever else life takes you.


4. She relieves anxiety & provides reassurance you go

Empowered by name, empowered by nature! We’re called Empowered By Ashley because the nature of our alarms and other safety accessories is to empower everyone as they go about their daily lives.

We use the word empower because Ashley has made over 40,000+ customers feel stronger, reassured and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers are saying about Ashley…

“I’m a carer for my disabled brother and I take my Ashley Alarm with us on days out such as the Zoo, to ensure I feel safe and he feels reassured! Whilst looking after my brother by myself, I have always been conscious that I wouldn’t know what to do in an uncomfortable or vulnerable situation such as being attacked, robbed or in the event of an accident. Since purchasing an Ashley Alarm I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because now I know EXACTLY what I would do!” - Kirsty W


"I just wanted to tell you that your product is fantastic. A friend of mine got a multipack and gave me one a month or so ago. I put it on my bag and thought no more about it. I was attacked last week and remembered that my handbag charm wasn't just a charm. My assailant looked visibly shaken and ran away immediately. I'm fine and largely unharmed. Thank you." - Anonymous


5. She provides donations to accelerate change with every order

At Ashley, we donate 5% of profits to Operation Underground Railroad and other charitable causes supporting women and children. Enough is enough.

We want to accelerate the rate of change in the world and our Ashley Alarm is just the beginning! This is about empowering everyone to be true to their core.


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